April 2022 Investing For A Passive Income

Hello April!

Happy new tax year, looks like a lot of people are trimming their portfolios down judging by the drop in the stock market.

In the spirit of stock market dips I have thrown in £600 into my account to buy the dip.

I have purchased 3000 powerhouse energy shares, 2000 Vivo Cannabis shares, 48 Tesco shares and 30 AGNC Investment shares for a total spend of £578.

Dividends have been abysmal this month, I received £11.50 from Glaxo SmithKline and £11.39 from AGNC, for a total of £22.89 a far cry from £35 per month I am aiming for this year. However not to be deterred it just means I need to focus more on April dividend payers for 2023.

please take a look at my YouTube video for a bit more detail.

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