Investing for Passive income May 2022

Another month has come and gone, I have kept on the same path and managed to finally make it over the £10,000 milestone. Next stop 20k!

This month has been a bit of an odd one, we have seen Aviva perform a share consolidation where they removed 24 shares for every 100 you held essentially removing 24% of shares from the market. This means their earnings per share will increase to match their sell offs over the course of the past 2 years.

I believe this is them having a rebalance in anticipation for some big moves over the course of the next few years but who knows!

Aviva also compensated their investors with a £1.01 dividend per share meaning this month I took £328.05. You read that right 328 quid for doing nothing. that is a 3.3% return for a single month, banks wont give you that much over a year.

I have of course re-invested the dividends back into my portfolio to keep compounding and growing my pot whilst I can.

I have uploaded 2 videos this month, one specifically for Aviva. The other for my normal investments.

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