About Me

Hello Human,

My name is Oliver, I am an IT engineer with an interest in moving into IT security, I am also a personal finance novice, amateur youtuber and I suppose amateur web developer now.

I am going to use this blog for a couple of things, first I will use it to upload my YouTube videos, I don’t have any social media so this will be a way of getting them out to the world. I don’t really care how they do but I do care about not trying!

My investment tool of choice is trading212. There is a link HERE If you use promo code FMOHg3IH We will both get a free share!

Secondly I am going to blog about my studies, whether that is CompTIA, Python or cyber security related. I am not very good yet but I hope by writing it down I will be able to improve my understanding and who knows I might even help some people out.

To be clear I do not have a schedule, I will write something when I feel I have something to write. I might even throw up an email account to allow people to contact me, its still early days yet, who knows.